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Welcome to The Curious Ahjuma podcast.  I’m your host Shinhong.  I’m a 40-something Ahjuma, which is the Korean word for…ole Korean lady.  But this podcast isn’t about getting old.  It’s about curiosity.  Actually, about embracing curiousity.  I’m curious about a lot of things but for most of my life, I’ve shooed my curiosity away like it was frivolous.  What I’m realizing lately though is that that’s a big mistake.  So I’m finally letting myself be curious.  Especially about people.  I’m curious about your story of resilience, empowerment, suffering, triumph.  How did you get there and why? Join me as I interview different people to hear their unique stories and let’s build a community of curious minds. 

Jun 15, 2021

Abby and Jess share their story of falling in love, serving in the military as gay women, having babies, and challenging our society's often mistaken assumptions.   

Their relationship is beautiful, thoughtful, and encouraging.  Above all, what you hear is that love is love is love.  

Jun 1, 2021

When Andy started his theatre career in San Diego in the mid 90s, there were little to no roles for Asian Americans in the theatre space.  So just like a true pioneer, he refused to accept the closed doors and created his own.  Today he has paved the way for so many Asian American actors in the US and now he is the...

May 25, 2021

In this episode, Mona and I talk about Mona's Abba (Dad) who moved to the US from Korea to live and dream a life of authenticity.  It's emotional and so familiar to so many of us who share the common ground of immigration to the US.    

May 11, 2021

Aimee is a passionate and compassionate teacher.  She loves her children - not just her own but also her children at school.  Aimee teaches and runs programs for children with autism and she celebrates how differently their minds can see the world at times.  

May 4, 2021

One of the scariest memories I have as a mother was when my own daughter had an unexplained illness.  The uncertainty, the fear of losing your child, and the unbearable moments of seeing your child suffer feels like someone placed your heart on an open chopping board.  Alex and Carrie share their story of grief, pain,...